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Hood Rich- How Living in the Hood Saved Our Finances

  We live in “Da ‘Hood.” Corner stores, kids out late at night, gunshots, alley mechanics and all the glory of what the ‘hood life entails. Yes, this is where our home is located. A home on the next block is selling for $2,500. That’s a car note for some people. We are eyeing a […]



Debt Free in 24 Hours- Now Available on Amazon.com

You want to be debt free but you don’t know where to start. The thought of a budget gives you anxiety, but the thought of living paycheck to paycheck makes you even more afraid. This book is for you. You can’t stand to watch Suze Orman or listen to Dave Ramsey because the concept of […]


Why I’ve Changed My Stance on Frugality

This might be one of those awkward posts that will inevitably be misconstrued as heresy, especially in the world of Personal Finance blogging. To cut to the chase, I am no longer focusing on frugality as a means to becoming financially independent. But wait! There’s more. Not only will frugality NOT be my focus, I […]

christian school

Is Christian School Worth It?

We sent our kids to a fabulous, state of the art Christian school for a couple of years. It really was a great school. The kids loved every minute of it. Although we paid cash for tuition, it was a ghastly amount that I couldn’t foresee paying for the next 10 years. It was the equivalent […]


I know the popular reasons behind home schooling, but there's so much more. My surprising findings!

10 Most Surprising Benefits of Home School

You know by now that I’m team home school all the way. In the past few months,  I’ve noticed the weirder benefits of home school. These are just random observations I can make having done both traditional and home school with the girls. Here are my surprising findings: Better Self Esteem My girls don’t have […]

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