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Would You Pay $327,410.63 for a $164,699 house?

Note: This post contains affiliate links Would you pay over $160,000 sticker price on a home? Of course not, but millions of people do it all the time. In fact, it is common practice here in the U.S. We decided that we won’t ever finance another thing in life EVER. Why? After recently becoming debt free, […]



How We Survived 10 Years of Marriage without Money Fights

Married people fight a lot about money. I don’t have official statistics, but informal chats with my friends and family lead me to believe this. I’ve heard of study after study indicating financial issues as one of the main contributors of divorce. This information impacted me so much that as a young bride, I remember praying, […]


How to Pay Cash for Big Ticket Items

Can you buy a house, car or a boat with cash? What about a college education or an entire business? With some planning and strategy, paying cash for these items is entirely possible. Here is are some tips on how to pay cash for big ticket items: 1) Set a Budget Set the budget and […]

Skip the Hunt, 5 Tips on Making Your Own Job

Skip the Hunt, 5 Tips on Making Your Own Job

Does the whole job search and employment process seem convoluted, confusing and simply disappointing? I’ve felt like that many times. Jumping through hoops only to get denied or land a low-wage job that I pretty much hate. I ditched that cycle 10 years ago.  You can, too. The times that I’ve completed an application, submitted a resume […]


Early Retirement- Is It Possible Before 40?

The American Way: work forever, retire and eat dog food in your sunset years. Did you know there is another, better, way? I didn’t until now. We are determined to end up differently. So can you! If you read my previous post, you may now know that I’ve caught the early retirement bug. I’m not talking […]

Cali Dreamin

California Dreamin’- Our Early Retirement Plan

We got to spend a good chunk of time in California the past few weeks (hubby joined us later in the trip). It was amazing! If you are from the Midwest, you know this has been a doozy of a winter and I am thankful that we got to escape a lot of snow and cold. […]



Debt Free Reading- Top 3 Picks (Your Secret Weapons for Success)

Debt Free Reading     Today, I’m going to unveil the secret weapons behind our debt free story. Since so many people are utterly convinced that it must have taken some special type of magic to get to this place, I’ve decided to talk plainly about it. Our secret was simply to read books about people […]

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More Posts from this Category

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