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5 Tips for Effective Mentoring

Has anyone ever asked you this question- Will you mentor me? Honestly, I dread the question for a few reasons: 1) It’s a drain on my time. 2) The person asking may not value what I have to impart. 3) I don’t want to take the place of what someone really could be doing to […]



The Worst Money Manager Ever

Do you know about this guy? This is one of the finance industry’s best keep secret.  No one will ever tell you about this unless you educate yourself. Want to know about the worst money manager ever? Read on my friend…. I was working with someone today who was considering a home refinance loan that […]


Positioned for Purpose

If someone asked you about your purpose in life, would you be able to answer any questions about it such as what it is and if you are currently walking in it? Sadly, an overwhelmingly large number of people in the world have no idea why they’ve been sent to earth, let alone what to […]

My Millionaire Plan

My Millionaire to do List

Thanks to J. Money over at www.Budgetsaresexy.com, I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring and take the Millionaire Challenge. This became a REAL (read: not pie-in-the-sky) goal because I realized that life would be so much better if both my husband and I were able to retire early. We want to be done […]

Raging Waves

Summer Fun that Won’t Break the Bank

Sponsored Post Are you looking for inexpensive summer fun in the Chicagoland area? Raging Waves Water Park might be the retreat you are looking for. A few weeks ago we had the chance to visit the Raging Waves Water Park located a few miles south and west of Chicago. (Took us about an hour in […]



Why Creflo Should Get His Jet

This man asked his church to pitch in big bucks for a jet. I think they should give and that he should get it! As you know, all the web has been abuzz a preacher in Atlanta, Creflo Dollar,  who is asking his congregation to give money to his plane fund. He calculated that if […]

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christian school

Is Christian School Worth It?

We sent our kids to a fabulous, state of the art Christian school for a couple of years. It really was a great school. The kids loved every minute of it. Although we paid cash for tuition, it was a ghastly amount that I couldn’t foresee paying for the next 10 years. It was the equivalent […]

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