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What Should I do with my Side Hustle Income?

What Should I Do with My Side Hustle Income?

Are you finally making good money with your side hustle but not sure exactly what to do with your side hustle income? In this quick video we will talk about a good breakdown that will give you the personal money you need AND keep your business afloat.   Helpful Resources: Profit First, Mike Michalowicz http://amzn.to/1Ncq4mc Get […]


7 Essential Tools for Financial Freedom

7 Essentials for Your Financial Freedom Tool Kit

7 Essentials for Your Financial Freedom Tool Kit Want to be financially free? You gotta learn the mantra: eliminate debt, increase income and build wealth. We’ve completed our journey to debt freedom and are on the way to increasing income and building wealth. Here are some must haves in your financial freedom tool kit! #1 Financial […]

Hood Rich The New American Dream

‘Hood Rich- The New American Dream

I’ve shared the methods on how we became debt free but I’ve never shared the story. It includes bullet holes, tears and difficult decisions. Check it out here:  

5 Reasons I Don't Buy My Kids Toys

5 Reasons I Don’t Buy Toys for My Kids

It’s true, I don’t buy my precious children toys. One reason is they cut my head off when filming these videos! But there are other reasons I don’t buy toys. Am I a cruel lady or what? There’s a rhyme to the reason….find out what’s up!

Random Facts

20 Random Facts About Me

Here are some random fun, weird and little known facts about me: I hate eating at chain restaurants. (I once found a maggot in my French onion soup. I will withhold the name of the establishment!) I speak fluent Spanish and ok French. I’ve visited Panama, Puerto & Cuba. I met my husband in 7th […]



The Craziest Thing I Ever Did for Money

Have you ever been in a desperate money situation? Were you at the point of doing something unconscionable? Did you go through with it? “Yes” for me in all categories! Read on to find out what I actually did. I was in college and decided to stay at school during the summer and needed a […]

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christian school

Is Christian School Worth It?

We sent our kids to a fabulous, state of the art Christian school for a couple of years. It really was a great school. The kids loved every minute of it. Although we paid cash for tuition, it was a ghastly amount that I couldn’t foresee paying for the next 10 years. It was the equivalent […]

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