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My name is Aja McClanahan. I created my blog, Principles of Increase, just a few weeks after our family finished paying off over $120,000 in debt. So many people wanted to know how we did it, that I figured this blog and resource-rich website would be a way to mass-mentor everyone who had questions. Today, I am a full-time blogger, personal finance writer and influencer. I've worked with individuals, coaching them towards financial freedom as well as brands and corporations to help spread the "good news" that financial independence is, indeed, possible. 

My goal is to help everyday-people see that financial freedom is not only achievable, but it's more than possible with some small (and some big) tweaks to mindset, behaviors and habits around money management. It will take work and purposeful intention, but it can be done. 

I want to show people what debt-freedom looks like. My hope is to inspire people to aspire to a financially-free existence. Being debt-free is truly awesome. I'm able to home school my children, support their careers in acting and entertainment and travel tons (while getting paid to write about it!) We currently own two homes debt-free and have our sights on another very soon. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to believe that this gal, who was so horrible with money, has finally started getting it together.

While we haven't arrived when it comes to money, I enjoy sharing our journey to the top. If you decide to tune in, I'll share vulnerable money moments and let you know when we are successful and even when we aren't. Thank you for trusting me as your "financial freedom" coach. I've already got a free guide to get you started on the path to financial freedom. Grab it below and be sure to let me know if it helps!

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