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Our family clawed out of over $120,000 in debt. In this free ebook I show you the strategies and tool you can use to dump debt, too. Grab your copy of Get out of Debt Now: A Quick Guide to Eliminating Debt on Any Income.  

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Dump Debt

Our family clawed out of over $120k in debt. I share the same strategies and tools FOR FREE that helped us get there. 

Increase Your Income

A huge part of getting to financial independence is increasing your income. Check out the free 10-day Side Hustle Challenge that will help you cover your grocery bill. 


Build Wealth

Don't wait to build wealth. Time = money in the race to amass assets. Learn how you can start investing RIGHT NOW!

About Aja McClanahan

I started my money journey as a broke college student. Majoring in economics, I still had no idea how to handle money when I graduated. Fast forward to marriage and between my husband and I, we had accumulated over $120,000 in debt. We paid it all off in 2013 and now I'm showing others how to do the same.


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